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At MonsterStory.com you’ll find a growing series of short stories around the sci fi, supernatural and horror genres.  I have a number of short stories which I’ve started without the time to expand into short novels that can be published.  So I’ll post them here with some being as small as paragraphs and others being more substantial pieces.

I had my first SciFi alien Kindle Book Alien Ascension published in 2012 and will release some more books at some point however for now I hope you find these short stories interesting, riveting and entertaining. My primary interest is in SciFi which is what you’ve primarily see on MonsterStory.com however will have interesting plots that delve into the horror and supernatural genres.

I often get inspiration from real life situations when writing my stories and whilst it is not the convention you’ll see drafts of short stories which are likely to change over time as I get ideas that I think will work with that particular story.  If i can accumulate enough stories I’ll collate them with some unpublished work into a collection and publish them.


Jivon Strek

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