Black Eyes


It was a work day just like any other.  I went to the kitchen for some water a saw someone eating alone.  Blonde hair, fair skin and a slim but sturdy frame.  She was new to the company, I had never seen here before.  I poured some cold water and turned to look at her – she immediately turned her head and stood up.

She looked petite sitting down however as she rose it was clear that she was tall and somehow seemed imposing.  I wanted to say hello and welcome her however she scurried back to her desk on the other side of the company floor. Strange, maybe she was busy or simply shy.  I almost sensed that she knew I was going to chat to her and she moved away as quickly as possible.

I went about my business however for an unexplained reason I could not stop thinking about her.  It was weird, I meet new men and women in the office each day however none left me with a feeling, a sense that I need to talk to them, know more about them.  I asked some other staff on the floor if they knew who she was – someone mentioned she was a casual worker and that her name was Ash.

Days passed and I didn’t see Ash anymore however every day at some point she came into my mind. Who is she ? Where is she from ? Why do I keep thinking about her.  The end of the week had arrived and I still had so much work to complete.  I really didn’t want to start the next week with a pile of unfinished work so i decided to stay back a few hours and complete all my outstanding work.

So with my head down I worked for hours completing my work and without a break continued on until my neck ached.  I lifted my head and checked the time – it was 9pm ! I looked around and realized I was the only left in the office.  Time to go I thought so I packed my bag and ventured into the kitchen on my way out of the office.

I was surprised to see Ash sitting at the kitchen table with her head tilted down looking at the table. She looked asleep however I called out ‘Ash’ are you OK ?  She moved and lifted her head in a diagonal way that seem so unnatural, almost robotic. She looked straight into my eyes with no expression in her face. I went cold, I was terrified, her eyes were blacker than black with her irises looking like endless black holes.

I was really scared, this thing was not natural, she did not behave like a human being. Her eyes were black and dead.  I didn’t know what to do run, scream, yell or attack.  I felt my eyes well up and I screamed at her – ‘how long have you been here’ ? It said 2 millennium in a low guttural voice. I fell to the floor and started hyper ventilating scrambling to get up. ‘What do you want ?’ I yelled again – it said ‘Your vessel’ as it pointed to my body and at the same time stood up looking monstrously tall.

This creature wanted my body, to possess me, to envelop me, to take my soul from me. I grabbed a small bin and through it at the monster, the creature – I did not know what it was however I ran out of the office not looking back until I was miles away.  I jumped on to a bus, any bus, just to get away and try to compose myself.  What do I do  – call the police, a priest, NASA – who would believe me. It took me an hour to stop shaking and half a bottle of whisky to calm myself down enough to fall asleep.

I woke up 10 hours later feeling sick, nauseous and still shaking a little. I couldn’t let other people walk into the office with that creature there and scared for myself.  How could this be, this was only in horror movies and books, was I dreaming or going out of my mind ?  After finishing the other half of the whisky bottle I had a cold shower and decided to call the police.  They came to my apartment, I told them the story and they looked at me like I was crazy.

One of the officers picked up the empty whisky bottle and looked at me wryly – raising my voice I said I didn’t make this up and if they don’t come to the office someone might get killed. They agreed to come down with me and as we entered the building I started to shake more and more.  They looked at my like I had the DTs. I swiped my access pass to enter the office and motioned the police officers to enter.  I heard a noise back in the foyer and quickly turned to see a cleaner with a broom so I turned back and motioned to the officers to enter the kitchen.

I followed them in and I could see someone laying behind the kitchen table. We walked around and I immediately vomited upon seeing Ash covered in blood with a gaping hole in her chest. The police flinched back, looked at me and whilst still dry retching managed to say ‘I don’t know what happened, whatever was inside her has killed her’.

One of the officers had walked behind me and yanked my arms behind my back. He cuffed me and begin to read my rights. The other officer was calling for backup and an ambulance. He turned to the other officer and said throw him in the wagon. He pushed me into the foyer.  I was screaming ‘it wasn’t me’, ‘it wasn’t me’.  The cleaner was in front of us standing motionless, as we passed I turned around yelling ‘help me’.

I looked at the cleaner, looked into his blacker than black eyes, and in horror yelled ‘it’s him, it’s him” as the officer dragged me outside of the building wailing in terror …


by Jivon Strek

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At you’ll find a growing series of short stories around the sci fi, supernatural and horror genres.  I have a number of short stories which I’ve started without the time to expand into short novels that can be published.  So I’ll post them here with some being as small as paragraphs and others being more substantial pieces.

I had my first SciFi alien Kindle Book Alien Ascension published in 2012 and will release some more books at some point however for now I hope you find these short stories interesting, riveting and entertaining. My primary interest is in SciFi which is what you’ve primarily see on however will have interesting plots that delve into the horror and supernatural genres.

I often get inspiration from real life situations when writing my stories and whilst it is not the convention you’ll see drafts of short stories which are likely to change over time as I get ideas that I think will work with that particular story.  If i can accumulate enough stories I’ll collate them with some unpublished work into a collection and publish them.


Jivon Strek